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It's Time To Spread Your Wings!

Flutter over to Sands Point Perserve's Fairy Festival on May 6th! We have been presented with a unique opportunity to interact with little ones. Our fairies will have magical meet-and-greet walk-around interactions. We also get the chance to update our Fairies' character profiles for any of you who would be interested in being cast as one in the future!

This event offers a unique opportunity to explore Sands Point Perseve's beautiful grounds and castle for free! By offering our services for free, we were able to have the If You Can Dream NYC name presented as a community partner. We love to give back and we hope you do too!

We still have one spot open for a spring fairy performer.

If you are interested in volunteering at this community event, please message Lola at 516-497-8566 for confirmation and details. We just ask that you bring good energy and magical interactions to the guest at this event.

Event Details:

Event Start Time: 10 AM - 4 PM

Our Start Time: 12 -4 PM

Blue Spring Fairy: Olivia (New Cast Member)

Pink or Yellow Spring Fairy: OPEN FOR CASTING

If you know a little fairy family who would be interested in purchasing tickets to this event, please visit the site HERE! They are also collecting DIY Fairy Houses to place around their preserve. If you are interested in creating a fairy house please visit HERE for more details.

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