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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I book entertainment for my party?

A: We book parties on a first-come, first-served basis.  Please book your party at least one month in advance to reserve your desired date and time.  To book, contact us via email or phone.  

Q: How can I secure my desired date?

A: A non-refundable deposit is required in order to reserve the date and time of your party.  Acceptable payment methods include cash, check, credit card, via PayPal.  Full payment may be made in advance.   

Q: When do I complete my payment?

A: You can pay the balance in advance in full or in cash on the day of the party, you can complete your payment in cash only.  We ask that you have the cash balance readily available upon commencement of your event. Our entertainers are running on a schedule and, unfortunately, do not have time to wait.  For  your convenience, balances can also be paid with cash of credit card or check a week prior to your event.  Please keep in mind that we do not carry change.   

Q: Should I leave a tip for the entertainer?

A: Gratuity is not included in our package price.  Tips are accepted and greatly appreciated.   

Q: How far will you travel to a party?

A: Please note that all package prices are based on events within 12 miles of our Nassau location.  Additional travel fees will apply to any venue outside of this radius.  For any event over an hour from our location, we require a minimum booking of 90 mins.  

Q: Can I schedule an event on a holiday?

A: Events can be scheduled on holidays for an additional cost.  Bookings must be a minimum of 90 minutes.  

Q: What is the recommended age range?

A: The recommended ages are from 3-8, but we can accommodate any age group.  

Q: How much space do your activities require?

A: A wide-open space works best with our party games, but it is not a requirement.  We will try our best to work in any space that you provide.  If you have any valuables that are breakable, we recommend that you remove them from the entertainment area for safety reasons.  Please have a space readily available for a table and four chairs. 

Q: Do you require time to set up?

A: Your entertainer and her assistants will arrive promptly at the scheduled time of your event and begin immediately.  Set up and clean up will be provided by the entertainer's assistants during the scheduled entertainment time.   

Q: What if a guest arrives after the entertainment has begun?

A: Unfortunately, our entertainers cannot repeat any activities for latecomers.  Our suggestion is to schedule your party's start time at least 30 minutes before the entertainment is due to arrive.  This will ensure that all of your guests can participate in every activity! 

Q: What if my entertainer is running behind schedule?

A: Occasionally, unforeseen circumstances that are beyond the control of IYCD prevent the timeliness of our entertainers.  If this occurs, our entertainer will give the clients a courtesy call, informing them of the situation.  Full service is guaranteed upon arrival.   

Q: Can you accommodate boy guests?

A: Boys can participate in any activity that they wish.  Simply let us know how many boys will be attending your event.

Q: What is your cancellation policy?

A: While your deposit is non-refundable, it can be used as a credit towards another party if held within 60 days of the original party date.  Given ample notice, we will work with you to arrange an alternate party date.  Last minute cancelations will require payment in full. 

Q: What if my party is outdoors?

A: Only certain characters can perform outdoors. Our entertainers wear long heavy gowns and wigs in order to bring our characters to life, making it impossible for some to perform outside in hotter months.  

Still have unanswered questions? Email us now at

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