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Fairest Princess

Sweet and lovely, this princess is the fairest of

them all! She enjoys singing, baking, and

household chores. Invite the Fairest Princess to your party today and make your child's

dreams come true!


"I was so happy and thrilled with the services and performance given.  The Fairest Princess arrived on time, was friendly, and courteous to all my guests and especially to the birthday girl, my daughter Analise.  The Fairest Princess' costume was amazing, she looked so real, like if she was the girl in the story. Not only did my daughter and her friends have a blast with [the Fairest Princess], but so did the mommies who came brought their daughters. They were amazed. All the little girls, especially my daughter Analise, was so happy and excited. I would definitely use your services again, and for sure recommend you to my friends. Thank you for your services and performance at my daughter's princess tea birthday party."

- Esther P. E., Brooklyn, NY


"Thank you to Carla, Royal Ball Princess and Fairest Princess for visiting our Princess Antonia at her 4th Birthday Party!

The Princesses stayed in character the whole time. Always smiling, graceful, proper etiquette, patient, absolutely amazing! The costumes are of the utmost quality! Didn't think I would be as pleased as I was. It was beyond my expectations, let alone my daughters and our little princess guests!

Thanks again!" xo

-Loredana V., Franklin Square, NY







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